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Never Gone

to Marcy Howard

A, picture hangs, on the wall, happiness, in our eyes,
As the storm clouds, thicken, across, the dark gray skies,
The image, of our love, can’t be seen, in a mirror,
Yet as time passes, the image, just grows clearer.
Separation, does not change, the underlying fact,
That we both, feel love, and both, want it back,
You and I, fit together, two parts, that make a whole,
And until, we unite, I’m searching, for my soul,
There, is something, I’d ask, of you, if, I had one wish,
Could you, just talk to me, stop trying to resist,
Sometimes, in this lonely world, real love, is found,
As the seasons, whisper change, across, the frozen ground,
Love, has no season, it’s, in everything, we do,
And the pain, that we feel, is inside, me and you,
Let the love, we know, is there, grow, inside your heart,
And as you gaze, at our picture, let, forever start.
I am glad, we found our way, to each other’s caring,
L0ve, is something, that we found, something, we should, be sharing,
Let the lessons, we have learned, prove, that this, is right,
As the darkness, is sent away, with our love’s, pure light
                       Forever Yours



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