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Beyond Our Fears


At times it’s fear that drives us,
Yet love can play the same role,
A positive direction for a life,
Or the negative that leaves a hole,
In the past there are things that moved us,
But the question is moved us to where,
And when confronted with our image,
Why does the reflection stare.
Do our fears provide us with more than pain,
Can they alter what we feel,
Are they something that’s imagined,
Or a force that’s very real,
Can fear condition an entire life,
Every action and every thought,
Changing to where our hearts journey,
The destination different than what we sought.
Can fear exchange our hopes and dreams,
For the things of which nightmares are made,
A sleight of hand magicians act,
That holds our memories played,
Fear can stop our forward progress,
It can make us do nothing at all,
And all our lofty ambitions,
By the wayside fall.
Does the fear subdue us,
A chain extending to our past,
Can it be a thing here then gone,
Or bars that each day last,
All the efforts that we might make,
Might never occur because of fear,
And all the actions that we might take,
Become a voice that we can’t hear.
Are we fearful of any change,
And with that can love be lost,
If fear becomes lodged in the heart,
Is the core of our dreams the cost,
Love is not the product of fear,
It’s the product of our hopes and dreams,
It has a voice louder than fear,
If needed it can scream.
Fear need not be our guide,
It’s love that should show our way,
Fear might control the things we do,
But love has more to say,
Any aspect regarding love,
Might make us shed a tear,
But love survives behind our eyes,
Beyond the grasp of fear.

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