Lead The Way


There aren’t enough words to say,
To just describe how I feel,
You might try to delude yourself,
That the words spoken weren’t real,
Just consider the last three years,
There’s been no contact, not a sound,
And though the time has slowly passed,
It’s still you the heart has found.
Silence can be a difficult sound,
But is it possible it helps us see,
Things surviving the test of time,
Still live in you and me,
Whispered words and wrong assumptions,
Hide real love with clouds,
And surely pain played it’s role,
With what our minds allowed.
There are times I still look for you,
Yet there are those times I don’t,
Attempting to make the heart go blind,
While knowing that it won’t,
Destiny gave us each other to find,
regardless of how hard we pretend,
And the things we found in each other’s arms,
Are the things this heart defends.
There is no guide on what to do,
The heart accepts it’s fate,
Do we eat the entire meal,
Or leave half on our plate,
Time ticks by yet the emotion remains,
We each see that it’s real,
As we act like nothing’s there,
Pretending it’s not what we feel.
There have been long and lonely nights,
When music would have been your voice,
And now it seems a stormy place,
An island left without a choice,
Heart and soul still are yours,
And always will they be,
In a cage bound by pain,
Your love "s what set us free.
I could pretend it’s dead and gone,
But I defend the love we found,
Though things are the way they are,
It still grows without a sound,
Fate brought us to that time and place,
Where there’s nothing we need say,
Embrace the things that we both found,
And let love lead the way.

January 15th, 2017

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