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Heartly a Ghost


A heart was taken long ago,
And it survives in many pieces,
Holding on to love it found,
But pain lingers in the creases,
Tired by the daily grind,
Sleep seems a silent place,
Yet visits when the eyes are closed,
Hold so many familiar faces.
Do you believe that love is gone,
But suppose it visits every night,
Though we believe the spectre’s gone,
It still whispers to the light,
Somehow in the midst of pain,
A belief in love still lives,
Yet in the darkness of the night,
A ghost somehow forgives,
For a time I held her close,
A place found each night in dreams,
She whispers to these eager ears,
And those whispers sound like screams,
Every night this figure visits,
And each night the scene’s the same,
Love takes wing and flies around,
And the whispers hold her name.
A ghost might exhibit malice,
While others are seeking rest,
Is accepting them as friend or foe,
The soul’s unwanted test,
Sometimes you wish you could stay awake,
Fearful of the visits at night,
Though other times you wish you would sleep,
Through both the dark and light.
Through the time that passes,
You grow to anticipate the nights,
That place where love and beauty,
Visit without the light,
A ghost that’s a beautiful figure,
Is projected from within the heart,
And this ghost will nightly visit,
As long as we’re apart.
Can a ghost become your companion,
That comes from a broken heart,
Is the dream an expectation,
For a better place to start,
Love can take on many forms,
It’s whatever means the most,
And if love and dreams melt together,
At night you hold that ghost.

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