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Dragon Dream


A dragon peers out across the land,
And it’s ruby eyes see all,
Brightly colored emerald green,
With a silent voice that calls,
It’s eyes look like glowing embers,
And it’s breath filled with fire,
A dream that flies aloft each night,
That carries our needs and our desires.
With wings unfurled it soars through time,
And in the darkness still it sees,
Unspoken emotion held inside,
With it’s flight our dreams it frees,
The dragon glides across the sky,
Darkness and stars it’s background,
Streaking through the starry night,
On wings that make no sound.
If a dream takes a physical form,
Does it become a thing that’s real,
Or is just that love takes wing,
If it’s something we’re not to feel,
The dragon folds it’s wings in close,
To dive towards mother earth,
Unfolding it’s wings when it’s close,
Another dream’s rebirth.
Could this dragon be a mirror of,
The love we feel inside,
Only coming alive at night,
To free the love we hide,
Is the dragon some mythical creature,
That never did exist,
Or is it a different reality,
That comes from love that we resist.
The dragon lightly lands on earth,
It’s face and features clear,
While on it’s emerald green cheeks,
Rolls a solitary golden tear,
The tear rolls down to drip on me,
And I feel all it feels,
With it’s touch upon my heart,
All the pieces soon are healed.
This dragon looks into my eyes,
It sees the pleasure and the pain,
It sees the love that lives inside,
That in the heart somehow remains,
Is this dragon something imaginary,
Or is it the form for the love I feel,
While in the mirror my gold stained face,
Shows the tears and love are real.

January 15th, 2017

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