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The Mind of a Memory

To Penny

A memory reaches from the grave,
And caresses a beating heart,
As we wonder what we save,
While fear prevents a start,
The memories massage a tortured mind,
Wrapped in things we feel,
As we acknowledge something found,
Yet wonder if it’s real.
The memories remind us of someone gone,
While a link remains inside,
And as our skeletons dance along,
What we have we seem to hide,
We remember songs to sing,
And remember things we miss,
As the items that life brings,
Become hidden in a kiss.
Inside a memory for years a dream,
Does the past somehow repeat,
Or does the dream go up in smoke,
With the emotions time defeats,
An emotion beginning so long ago,
A memory of its own,
As the present proves it real,
Yet still somehow alone.
Memory somehow separates,
The aspects of a dream,
Though we both appreciate,
In the heart we are a team,
We become full of fear,
When confronted with the thought,
That we seem to feel as one,
And the years prove what we’ve got.



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