Have,Not Had

to Marcy Howard

As a winter scene, unfolds;a lone man, shrugs off, the cold.
Struggling, with the memories; of a dream, it seems, he sold,
Love, it feels, is dead and gone;as snow, completes, the scene,
Wishing, it was warm, again;and the scenery, was green.
This man, it seems, is lost;yet a warmth, lives on, inside,
And though, the snow, will cover all;this heat, he can not hide,
As, you look, upon, this man;do you think, about his pain;
Or, are you lost, in selfish thoughts;of things, you can’t regain.
Maybe, you should stop and think;of what, put him, in this place,
Instead, of judging, who you see;or the expression, on his face,
It could be, there’s a lesson;if you care, to see,
What’s important, to you;might not be, the same for me.
As people, we, are all, the same;though circumstances, may deceive,
Chances, have to be taken;in love, you must, believe,
That person, you look down on;has a reason, for how, they live,
It’s not about, what you own;it’s about, what you give.
We all, could live, as this man;destined, to live alone,
Though, it doesn’t, have to be this way;just one, of the unknown,
Look past, all the assumptions;accept good, as part of bad,
Make love, something, you hold on to; not something, that you had,  
             Something I have,!!!!



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