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I Believe

To Marcy Howard

I believe in everything that has to do with you,
I believe our smiles were real;and how you felt was true,
I believe the happiness;that emanated from your eyes,
Lives inside a caring heart;under clear blue skies.
I believe love will always exist;though this fact we try to hide,
And I believe we both feel pain;hidden deep inside,
I believe we need each other;that our souls need each to live,
I believe that what we found;has the capacity to forgive.
I believe we have the tools;to restore love’s shining light,
And I believe this pain will end;as it does each night,
I believe the woman I hold;even if only a dream,
Holds me just As I hold her;within emotion’s stream.
I believe I’m not alone;and neither my angel are you,
Because I believe the words we spoke;were all completely true,
I believe that every day;puts me closer to your smile,
I believe that happiness lives;in brown eyes now gone awhile.
I believe this hope is real;because we live with it every day,
I believe we have each other;and its meant to be this way,
I believe forever’s ours;that it lives inside your touch,
And I believe that we both need;each other’s love so much.
         Only you!!!



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