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Sunny Day


We’re thankful for a sunny day,
That follows days of rain,
We’re filled with reassurance,
That the cycle of life remains,
Sunshine gives us bright clear light,
Yet it also gives us shade,
The answer for our innocence,
With mistakes we’d like to trade.
Rays of light seem to pierce,
A forest’s canopy of leaves,
Clouds of white float across the sky,
With the sunshine to retrieve,
The clouds block out the summer sun,
But soon it does return,
And each time that it reappears,
The skin feels like it burns.
The sun is needed for things to grow,
But the rain is needed too,
And though the clouds may block the sun,
It will again shine through,
We maintain a delicate balance,
With sunshine, rain and shade,
Just as life makes us face,
The heavy price we’ve paid.
The sun shines down and shows the way,
For the darkness in the night,
To maintain that delicate balance,
Between the darkness and the light,
A sunny day helps us see,
And at times it helps us feel,
It helps us see who we are,
And it lights what things are real,
A cloudy day is half the light,
The clouds just block the sun,
Yet still the sunlight filters through,
Until the darkness has begun,
Thoughts might carry us away,
It can seem like midnight’s here,
But light will soon invade again,
And that sunlight dries our tears.
A sunny day may bring us hope,
It can calm those inner fears,
But rain is needed for life to grow,
As love is watered by our tears,
Under a dismal cloudy sky,
We look past what’s in our way,
And though gray clouds may make it dark,
We look forward to a sunny day.

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