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Love Can Only Live

To Marcy Howard

Winter soon will settle in, and though its warm outside,
The heart it seems is frozen, but love is not denied,
This coldness came, from being saved from hell,
My savior, a woman loved so well,
Then one day a boctor came, saying love would surely die,
That it would be a long slow road, its called the long good bye.
Changes came slow at first, with so much there was to learn,
And if you give your all to love, sometimes its you that burns,
Though there is so much to do, as the person becomes a child,
Every second of that hell, is worth it, for just a smile,
I accepted I’d be alone, yet I met somebody new,
Finding love in another’s arms, yet still in love with you.
Pain and guilt are powerful things, they can alter future events,
Watching someone that you love, walk deaths slow descent,
I hold on to new found love, knowing its real and pure,
Then when it ran away, of any love, I was unsure,
And on the day when one love left, a part of me disappeared,
To deal with two loves gone, worse than all I’ve feared.
I had to say goodbye to one, to the other I will not,
As Godsmack plays on the radio, music isn’t all I’ve got,
Sometimes mistakes can not be undone, yet they’re not mirrors of how you feel,
And as I’ll take all the blame, it seems the past again is real,
I will never say goodbye to love, this love will never die,
It lives in a grave with one woman, and it survives in your brown eyes.
    Only you.



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