Paper Memory

To Marcy Howard

A picture or a postcard, some reminder of the past,
Maybe written on a stick-um note, never meant to last,
Years go by as the note is pasted, to an old blue cars front dash,
The letters faded long ago, and to some they might seem trash,
But Ill remember  til my dying day, what words were written there,
And until I die that paper stays, it’s not going anywhere.
A few tattered  remnants, enough if all you have,
Can in seconds bring a smile, for our wounds a vital salve,
Simple paper becomes important, not for what they are but what they mean,
A link to happiness never gone, lost within a dream,
But that paper and some pictures, seem simple, yet in fact,
They can be the pacifier, that holds the teardrops back.
These mementos are our common ground, with emotion and so much more,
But we don’t hold them because, we hold on to them for,
Links to our paradise, but we hide ourselves so well,
A paradise that we think of, yet we’re banished to this hell,
But some of these memories, will always make me smile,
Lifting up our spirits, as the masks come off awhile.
Then there are those special things, that make you stop and think,
Where a person is rich now, the pasts common link,
Though my dash has paper, that’s both faded and worn,
Yesterdays paper reminders, of what was really born,
And every time I sit in my car, those little notes make me smile,
Though the words are faded away, I recite them to myself for awhile.
.     Only you!



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