Beyond Nine Lives

The Gargoyles Of Notre Dame

Beyond Nine Lives
              The Gargoyles Of Notre Dame
Nine lives in gothic art stained glasses of cats lair lie
Scroll works of remembrances stenciled in sarcophagi
Change and resurrection the nine lives of spiritually healing cat
Magical solitary soul God’s beautiful precious gift mankind got
Sad are the gargoyles in Our Lady gothic ribbed vaulted cathedral
Nine centuries of rebirth core brought down Paris church principal
The spirit of humanity magical as that of the mystic feline
Will resurrect the ashes the dusts from yonder east end
Sculpt to apse to altar rib vaults to spire as sure as the sun rises again
God’s gift of life rekindles embers this time beyond nine lives will attain
The  ecclesiastical spirit of the muted frozen guardians of time
Of history and religions and God’s cathedrals again is sublime
Photo: Pinterest Stock Cat Gargoyles Notre Dame

Our Lady rising from the ashes to spire to heaven redux.

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