Let the Wind

Dream Castles

Let the Wind
At its coldest low
   Let the wind be blanketing
The snow now blowing
Sculpting wild castles
    Let the wind be caressing
Citadel minuets
    White strips of dreams cascading
    Rivulets filled with minnows
Allures fall colors
    Let the wind be whispering
Hushing lullabies
    Indigo skies songbirds roost
    Waxing gibbous bats anxious
At its soothing breeze
    Let the wind be blanketing
Gentle loving touch.
NDR 9.7.2016 Written way back when.

Layered haikus. 575, 57577. A head scratcher, yes, :-))
The 575, first three lines of the stanza, can have different 77 (last
two lines) depending on the 575 suggestive thought or the reader's
interpretation of the 575 lines. The 575 can stand on its own, a haiku.

The Zen of Head Scratching! :-))

Seriously, haiku is an exacting form of poetry reflecting life's
experiences stripped to 17 syllables (sometimes less)
within nature's 4 seasons. Most of you likely have written haikus.
Robert L M aptly put it as "long story short".
Check out Jenifer W C's "Purple Doves".

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