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Fellow traveler,
Don’t play hide-n-seek with the Universe.
It will outsmart you.
With our feet bound by gravity
We won’t reach wisdom of stars.
No need to search
The matrix of neurotransmitters
For answers deeper than oceans.
Pull at your heart strings
With a chord of a familiar song.
Stop overcomplicating existence.
Just Be,
Like a blade of grass Is,
Giving into the wind,
And taking in rain and sunlight.
Just Feel,
Like a bird feels
The air currents under its wing.
Just Love!
What does it cost you?
You will receive tenfold
For every smile, kiss and embrace.
Half a glass of water,
Pierced by a ray of light, is deeper
Than dark caverns of thought.
Butterfly’s wings are wiser
Than mathematical formula
For the meaning of Life.
When you discard this shell
Made of atoms,
When you leave dust with dust,
You will walk through the Veil
And witness creation.
'Til then, Love,
And allow others
To love you
In return.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

The Veil is a reference to Sufi phylosophers who call it the boundary between this world and the next. While we are alive in this world we will never know the reality of the world beyound, no matter how much we speculate on what it might be or look like, or what awaits us. Once we die and are free of our human body we will be free to return Home, and remember what and who we really are.

Love, life meaning of soul,

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