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Where Heart Is

Little bird wants to fly home,
Where her heart is.
Chasing the evening sun against desert winds,
She races big pink blushing clouds
Through purpling sky
To the horizon line,
Blazing orange ball of fire
As her guiding star.
Flapping her wings into the night,
Over the perils of Dragon mountains.
Past comets rain, meteor showers.
Don’t have time to feel scared.
Like a falling star herself
She homes in on the porch light,
Beacon so familiar,
Where he waits, eyes searching the dark.
Solid chest homesick
For her fluttering heart.
Hands warm, missing her warmth.
Exhausted, on her last breath
She tumbles into his arms
‘There, my little bird,
You are home safe now.
Close your eyes and let out
A sigh of at-peace now.
I have you.’
His heart is home.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2015

The words 'home', 'heart', and 'warmth' resound through the poem again and again and again. Hopefully not being too repetitive, but aiding the flow of the piece.

Love, bird, heart, home, journey warmth,

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