Head Honcho

My competence was put to the test when I was chosen to complete this crucial task. Some jobs are menial that don’t require such precision, but this particular one did. If it didn’t meet the specific requirements, many lives could be affected by it. Like for-instance; if the engine failed on an aircraft, many people will lose their lives, or if a launch malfunctioned, it could cause the missile to land in the wrong country.
The head honcho who assigned the job to me, had to be very critical, so I had to be extremely careful. I was glad to be chosen, so that was O.K. by me. If I met the requirements, I could move up the ladder in the organization and gain the trust that was needed. Each step that I made was meticulously executed, so I would win the approval of the boss. It also made me proud that I was able to accomplish what I did. I amazed myself when the task was completed.
So late afternoon when the job was finished and it was time for the inspection, the head honcho, who was extremely overbearing, could be heard stomping through the hallway and toward my cubicle. Anyone would have been frightened, gotten out of the way, and relieved when I was the chosen victim and they weren’t. Even grizzlies would have shrunken back to their caves in fear of the consequences.
“What is this?” she roared at me at the top of her lungs, “Is this how you wash the dishes?” You left some soap suds on this saucer here. See it, you stupid incompetent idiot? You better have those suds rinsed off before I come back again or there will be major consequences that you’ll have to face. Get going and get back to work, you moron.”
Then I thought, “Big deal if I didn’t rinse off the saucer properly. I shouldn’t have married that bitch in the first place. What did I ever do that for?”

It didn't happen to me but it could have.

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