Lady Proper
White lace, pasted smiles, all that is proper
Tea and crumpets amid voices of the opera
Laugh but not loud, crying is forbidden
Wild stallions too essential to be ever ridden
Afternoons on patios amid roses blooming
Her social grace suited to her life assuming
Proper linen napkins to pat away the stains
Sitting as ladies do, among lacy chains
Her automatic body moves like pistons and gears
She bleeds water, vinegar, and elastic spears
On an even keel is her ship at the harbor
Half of a smile at half a starboard
She sneaks away to far away hidden islands
From her desires, her steamy hot wonderlands
Picking up strangers at cock fights below
Squirms in sweaty arms of gypsies and foe
Looking at cracked ceilings from her bed beneath
Her body ablaze as she licks his rotted teeth
Love is a delirious romp while passion rises
Romance forgotten from love’s different sizes
Love’s not enough as she moves to another
He or she could be a sister or a brother
Heated up from passion in their viewing
Discretion goes away from fires brewing
Then back she goes to her lily white abode
Where courtship is a slow laborious load
She half smiles and dreams about dirty lovers
Back on that hidden island with all the others
But she must do what she feels naught  
Love the way proper ladies are taught

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