Today I feel like writing
Everything down
The way I feel, I wish you were around
I wish you cared
But I’ll take this step
I’ll tell you how I stayed and how others have left
I hope you read this, maybe you’ll know
Maybe now you’ll see, you’re beautiful
If you’d give me a chance, I wouldn’t waste
A second of every moment, a moment of every day
If I could I’d hold you close
Just hold you to my heart
I just want you to know how special you are
You’re the brightest burning star, the moon to my night
In my darkest lonely hours, you are my only light
I’d send you roses, I’d buy you gifts
Just to see you see you smile makes my spirit lift
Id cook for you, I’d sing for you
I’d put everything I am into being with you
I’d cry for you, I’d tell you the truth
I’d take silly pictures and just live life with you
I’d keep you warm, I’d keep you safe
I’d do everything in my power to keep a smile on your face
I’d hold your hand, and kiss you on the cheek
I’d do anything at all; anything you asked of me
I’d give my all, I’d give it all up
Just to be able to shower you with love
But for now I know I’m not enough
I know that now
And all I’ll ever be able to do
Is write about
Your smile
Just who you are
Your freedom to live and me trapped behind bars
I wish you knew, that I exist
That I’m alive and I still live
Maybe not for much longer, but all I can say
Is if I could, I would, I’d give you all of me today


Love; Emotion; Lonliness

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