Even in death may you be held worthy
Something you’ll hold above all and shall not bury
If you feel like drowning
Dying in a ditch
Hold your head
And mourn every stitch
That’s placed around your soul
Your whole eternal being
It’s the thing that keeps you alive
The thing that keeps you breathing
It no longer stands by your side
And with eyes so bright
The whitest of light
May you be held worthy in your eyes
I’m bleeding
Everything’s ripped up
This is too big to stitch
It’s too big to stitch
I’ve given up
It’s miserable
It feels so fake
But your skin starts to boil and your eyes start to ache
And with every breath you take
Life is what you make
Will you make it
You can’t know for sure
Until your eyes see red and your skin burns
And you realize
This is it
This is all there is
It ends like this
This is not what it is
But it is what it will be
And everything you dream is what you’ll see
In endless glory
Your salvation falls apart
Maybe this is for the better
Maybe this path isn’t that dark
I will fear no evil
I will speak no lie
I will find what’s been hidden by every disguise
This is it
A spoken mistake
And that’s all it takes
That’s all it takes

(September 20, 2013 Re-Edit)

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