To whom was once my love, but now is gone

I will be the king of myself
I will walk with triumph
I will find my purpose with each step
I’m not the only one
I’m not the only one
I can’t be afraid of every dark circle that lies under our eyes
I can’t end it all when it’s all just begun
Everything, everyone
I’m not the only one
I’m not alone
You’re not alone
We have each other
Where we are lays a home
Our home
I’m definitely not the last
I just came in second place
But that’s all right
It’s alright
I can hold you while you sleep
I can kiss away your screams
I can be a part of your dreams
Please just take me
Please just have me
Because you have me
You’ve had me all along
The words scrawled across the post it notes
Left right above your heart
If I knew how to speak the words of love
I would’ve said it from the start
But all I can do is write
I love you
These post-it notes above your heart
The words scrawled in a jumbled hand
They say everything I can’t
I love you darling
Please understand
Some things can’t be put into words
Let me show you
Let me show you you’re worth it


Love; Happiness; Hearts; Passion

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