As I have never seen an uglier face
Than the one that stares from reflection’s embrace
I in myself am ashamed
I should have never stayed
I should have never even came
I could tell they were in love
By the way they made love
Laughing and sighing
In sweet tonal bliss
I wanted that
To be breathless
To be weightless
To be a love’s first kiss
And yet I missed
I will never meet that mark
I was jealous even before
Fore it was the look in their eyes
When they found each other
They saw the rest of their lives
And I saw it too
You bet I did
But what I did not see
Was me along with them
I was never a part of the big scene of things
Though I was the best buddy
A third wheel in place
And now there is only one
One wheel to face
Myself in reflection I will not embrace
To breach perfection
Is to accept the imperfect
To skip this step
You become worthless
I wanted so much more
I wanted to belong
But now I am alone
My buddies are all gone
I have crossed lines
I cannot uncross
I have been mean and nasty
Cold as frost
I was always so warm
So warm for some time
And now I am freezing
Because I was left behind
I am not proud of who I am
Of who I once was and will be
I have lost enough
Blinded when I once could see
I cannot hear the music
When all I want is to hear her sing
One last time
Just for me
I cannot hear the music
That once was my dream
But I can still feel the beat
It starts within my heart
My heart is the beat


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