The water is rising
Crippling me with silence
Why is it still there?
Creating again
What then was then
Falling apart in its stare
Flooding my eyes at night
Grounded when wearied wings
Yet again begin this flight
I want to feel inspired
To know what it’s like to be desired
To never again hide away
Because of words I could not say
We swim and we drown
When mending a heart that is broken
What is better left unspoken?
Its presence is a force of destruction
Turning dreams to dust
Making doubts of my trust
On and on it toys
Making fears of my joys
As I will to be more than this
If I could just share this
If I could declare this!
Pausing in the mirrored faces
Taking me to hidden places
I do not want to wear this
Another is reaping
Another is keeping
The place I set my treasured sights
The eyes that blazed with a million lights
I am misguided
Narrow, one-sided
Seeing what I want to see
Forgetting who I used to be
Pushing away what becomes too close
Am I even human?
Piercing again these cellular walls
Healing, mending
Another breath descending
Letting go of another cloud
Blocking the light of my mind
Walking through another crowd
Hearing the carnival of absurdity
Laughing long and laughing loud
What did we come here to find?
Resting in the relief of words
Ambiguous and heavy with the weight
That I will no longer need to feel
As another layer will forcefully peel
A little lost inside the noise
The thoughts that lead to an over path
Traversing a collective everything
Shattering the house of glass
I let another moment pass
Teach me what love is
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Francis Yutaka Kazori
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