Love Taught us Loneliness

Stirring in the heat
Staring at the ceiling
Reaching over to touch you
Are you awake like I am?
Restless and longing as I am?
Love is no longer made between us
Sever my communication
I was not dreaming of you
Shaking in the invasive thought
Of someone else that you are not
Love taught us loneliness
Huntress of the impassable
Satiate my endless seeking
There I set my melding scopes
There I place my consuming hopes
Ending like it always does
Making me a timid mess
Withdrawing inward again
Another nail driven in these palms
Deeper in the flesh of this
Love taught us loneliness
Aching for emotion
Casting me in infinite motion
Weaving together a little thicker
Healing me a little quicker
To sooner feel another bite
Wanting it again despite
The poison of desire
Controlled and chained
Refusing to belong to you
Cloaking the night around me
Thinking of her incessantly
Empowering my devouring
Until I eat the heart of this
Love taught us loneliness
Covering your face
As I traverse you with betraying hands
I watched as you landed distantly
Melding in the final parting  
Our foolish game went and came
Wanted and unwanted
Disappearing as you cried out its name
Knowing only what we knew the same
Love taught us loneliness
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