Crisp the air; cool, refreshing the breeze
Clear, the night sky, looking like glitter
Silvery the full moon, peeking atop the trees
Into the woods she gazed, and felt a shiver
But go! She must! Quickly, no time to waste
A cabin in the woods, soon there she must be
Witching hour’s coming, she must make haste
Tired she’s feeling, for her basket’s heavy!
Walk, run; through the woods, a narrow path
All around, shadows; with the breeze, moving
Fearful, she is, of dark creatures’ wrath
Red hood she held tight; she started humming
Herself, to calm down; she’s almost out of breath
Chilly, the night; in the crystal air, foreboding!
Humming, she kept on; from childhood, a song
The lyrics, pleasant; her mother taught her
Happy memories; to cheer her dreary walk along
But in her heart, a numbing dread and fear!
Brilliantly, above, the moon and the stars shone
But under tall trees; life-like, shadows are
Scary night sounds, forest creatures groan
So within her, fear, duty; furiously at war!
At last, cabin in the woods, she saw it!
From the windows; to the woods, light streams
Unfounded, her fears; it revives her spirit
Grandma’s home! Finally over, her bad dreams!
Nothing can go wrong now! For sure!
Then why is she still feeling insecure?
© Vic Evora

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Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

Hi again Vic, Sorry, I accidentally erased our whole conversation trying to ask you a question. I just wanted to know, what happened to Red Riding Hood at the end of the story ? Did she get away from the wolf ? I really don't remember . I just want to say again that I Enjoyed reading this because I erased that part by mistake.

almost 4 years

There are several versions. But in the Brother Grimms version, a hunter came to her rescue and kills the wolf with an ax.

Thanks again for liking.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

Love this one, thank you Brod.
She lived the moment, aware the whole time she walked to the cabin, a haven she is all familiar with. The "future" in us all is the next "moment" that we can only "live" when it comes. As long as we do not know it, we feel a bit uneasy, a little insecure. Acknowledge the thought of fear and let go, let it pass and live the moment-enjoy whatever is at hand. So right now I am going to the store without fear! Shop around, entertain my self. :-))
Well written, Brod. Thanks again.

almost 4 years

Thank you Brod.

almost 4 years

Obviously this poem is based on Little Red Riding Hood - whatever the fairy tale says, she must have been a terrified young lady going through the woods that night. Much like most of us when we are assigned a task we must complete. Like soldiers going to war, their fears must be balanced with an overwhelming sense of duty. As I said "So within her, fear, duty; furiously at war!"

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