Surf’s Up

On a beach, on the western shore
Big waves and surfers congregate
Mostly young, men and women both
Best surf assuredly, no debate
Daring youth, all with surfboards
Early morning, just as dawn breaks
Down the white sand, into the water
To meet the ocean’s towering waves
For hours they stay on their boards
Wave after wave, they meet and ride
Soporific as the morning sun rise
Surf’s up; thrills won’t be denied
By noon, the fascination wears off
One by one they leave the ocean
Lie on the beach, chairs or towels
All glistening in sunscreen lotion
But a few dedicated souls remain
Riding crests of off-the-hook waves
Brave ones go through giant barrels
Triumphant, unafraid of watery graves
Older folks like us stayed beneath
Beach umbrellas, cold drinks in hand
Admiring the beautiful young ones
Riding waves or sunbathing in the sand
Dreaming, reminiscing the olden days
When young with well-toned bodies
We inhabited the same sand beaches...
Long ago; aah! sweet, sweet memories!
© Vic Evora

Surf's Up: Originally used in surfing to say there are good waves for surfing and one should get ready to ride them. This likely resulted in the later idiomatic use: to get ready for something.

Last year, my wife and I went to a town in northern Philippines noted for surfing. It was a ton of fun watching surfers attack the waves. I took the photo above showing one of he good surfers riding a small wave.


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