Bella, Addy and Their Beautiful Mom, Don't Forget Papa too!

Bella is such a sweet, smart and beautiful 2 year old baby
She has taken this old woman and made me feel like a young lady
Her smile is infectious and her eyes they mesmerize
Blue as the sky and sparkle like they are energized.
Beautiful Angel who has touched everyones Heart
When her little hand touches mine I fall apart
This baby has been through quite a lot
At 5 days old she was to be subjected to different plot.
Parents not fit to care for this bundle of joy
In comes CPS to take her away like she’s a toy
Her Grand Ma steps up to the plate
Changing  Bella’s forever true fate.
This baby was to be loved as no other
For now she has a most wonderful Mother
Jen is this fantastic woman’s name
This won’t be the first time she’ll have to do the same.
Jen has adopted Bella who also has a half sister
Addy is Bella’s older sister and will not have to miss her
Jen’s also adopting Addy and she will be hers one day
So Bella will have her sister with whom she will play.
These children are precious, more precious than gold
The Love they will know will never grow old
Looks like Addy will finally be coming to a real home
Hoping she will be with Bella soon and never be alone.
Jen heard from the court and if everything goes well
In one or two months Addy will be here to stay
Addy is so beautiful and for the first time in 5 years
No longer in her bed will she have to cry those lonely tears.
She will be loved by a family that will take her in their arms
Everyone will show her she is welcomed and she’ll never know harm
She will have such a wonderful life and make our lives worthwhile
Addy Sweet Child, your an Angel with a Most Beautiful Smile.


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