True Friend Lost

One day your happy, the next your sad
You ask yourself what did I do?
When in reality it has nothing to do with you
You’ve been hurt and you’ve lost those Rose Colored glasses
You see the world as others have seen it for years
What you thought was love, was just control
Those who were close to you just used your kindness
For them you were simply a puppet, they the puppeteers
Now you see the cruelty and the darkness
You know you’ve been betrayed and feel so cold
Your so bitter and see no light in sight
The tears fall down your face and from inside your Heart
Your broken and feel like you will die
Don’t let them win you say, don’t let them have their way
Now you stand upright and tall
You have great courage and you are strong
No more will you be their tool
Your reborn into your independent self
Your worth means so much more
Because you have grown and are aware
You make better choices
You now can finally choose your life and your own path
Sadly for them, they have lost a True Friend.


It's a shame when the people you love use you. Especially when those people are family. I've changed because I was forced to see people for who they really are. Very sad discovery.


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