To My Granddaughter Who I Miss So Much

My heart is broken and my tears I try to hide
Because my Sweet Angel you are not by my side
I miss your freckle face and witty way
I miss your smile and all the things you say
I wonder how your doing and how you are coping
Because I can’t see you time goes by so slow
I’m so lost and lonely as you filled my life with joy
I loved how you would hug me oh so tight
I loved your kisses, and there were many if them
My Dearest Granddaughter, I hope you still love me
Because to loose you would be so cruel
I missed your first day of school
I’m sure you were nervous
I didn’t get to see your brand new clothes
Since I have not talked to you My life has no meaning
You would look at me and my face would be Beaming
The laughter has gone, In my heart there is no song
I will always love you and I will never give up
I hope you know I’m not trying to hurt you
God that’s one thing I could never do
Please just remember all I’ve done for you
I’ve been there since the day you were born
Now I can’t see you or talk to you and my Heart is Torn
Please say I haven’t lost you
I will love you until my last breath. Nani


*UPDATE: My granddaughter is now back in my life. Her father brought her and my grandson to see me for Mother's Day. What a Beautiful present. I hugged them and kissed them and sobbed because I was so happy. Thanks for all the prayers. God Bless. Sandi.

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