what If?

What if we could go back and have a do over.
Would you want a different life?
Maybe you would take a different path, one less safe?
It could have twists and turns and mysteries abound
We all say we’d like to know now, what we knew then
But would we? Our lives could be better or worse
We may be rich instead of poor, greedy instead of kind
I’ve asked myself this question many times
For me the answer is No. I would do everything the same
It is the mistakes, broken hearts and achievements
From which we found our way, be it good or bad
What the lessons life has taught us can’t be learned in a classroom
Every emotion, love, tears, smiles, frowns, fears and losses
Comes from within and is ours and ours alone
We all have similar lives yet if one of those seconds varied
I wouldn’t be who I am now, you would be someone else
Life is like a roller coaster ride, so just go for the ride
Take the good with the bad, happy with the sad
Just remember you are special and there’s only one you
Embrace your life and be true to who you are
Life’s a mystery but one day hopefully it will all make sense.


No matter how your life has turned out, it's your life and no one else's.


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Cory Garcia
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