Daddy's Little Girl

Mom told me when I was born you were so happy
You went out and bought me a little red dress
Mom said I was your little princess and you were so proud
You were my Daddy and you made me feel so safe
Once I had double pneumonia and was very sick
You stayed by my side and cried and cried
Mom prayed and prayed for God to save me
Well I guess God was listening because I got well
You taught me how to fish, with a Bamboo Rod (which I still have)
You did that so I’d feel those fish tug on my line
What you didn’t know was you also taught me great patience
That would stay with me the rest of my life
After that you gave me my own fishing pole, I loved it
Now I could cast out and catch fish like a real fisherman (girl )
I would sit for hours until I would get that bite
Once I caught a large 10" Small Mouth Bass and a 28" Northern Pike
As years went by our relationship stayed strong
I even learned a lot about cars as you were a mechanic
I was always holding the flashlight when you got under the hood of a car
Most girls never knew what a timing light or transmission was
You had a very rough life Dad, so much tragedy when you were young
That’s why you would yell at Mom cause you just didn’t know
You didn’t know how to show her your love, you had no role model
But you were a good Dad too me and I knew you really loved Mom
As you became older, your health started too fail
You were in and out of the hospital, which you didn’t like them at all
Here was this man who use too have muscles and was so strong
You became so thin and frail, it made me so sad to see you that way
One night I got a call, you were in the hospital not doing good at all
Now it was my turn to stay by your side, and yes I cried and cried
I prayed and prayed for God to either make you well or let you go
Well I guess God was listening, because he gave you 6 more months to live
Those 6 months were the sweetest months of my life
I’d take you to the stores just to get you out and about
We’d talk some more, and reminisce about days of old
I’m so glad we had that extra time it meant so much to me
Then came that dreaded call, you laid dying in your hospital bed
You were so very, very ill, but you waited and wouldn’t go
You waited for all your children and grandchildren to be at your side
Then and only then did you close those beautiful Hazel eyes
No longer would I see you, my heart felt such a great loss
But I knew you had suffered and it was finally your time
I hoped you were at peace and were once again strong
One thing will never change, I’ll always be “Daddy’s Little Girl”.


This is written for my Dad who passed away in March of 2000. He had 5 children. My Dad meant the world too me. I was blessed to have two parents who loved me so much. I miss him as he's been gone for 14 years.

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