God, Please Let My Granddaughter Break The Mold

There she stands waving good-bye to her friend
A new house and new school when will this end?
Since she was little constant moving around
Losing all of her friends until others are found.
2 years left until she graduates from High School
Why can’t she stay in this school? Because of a fool
Her Mom has a boyfriend so let’s pick up and move on
Never thinking about her daughter, she’s just a pawn.
When did life become about the parent instead of the child?
Wish she were my daughter, instead she has a mother who is wild
This child is so smart and sees where she’s going
I pray Dear Lord, keep her mind forever knowing.
This child is beautiful and precious beyond compare,
She’s taking a back seat and to me that just isn’t fair
She deserves to be number one on her mom’s list
But of course she’s no one, she’s not even missed.
To allow a boyfriend to come first is absurd
But of course I dare not say a word
I wish for this beautiful and wonderful young lady
That her world one day won’t look so shady.
That one day many doors will open up in her life
That sunshine will follow this brilliant child who knows so much strife
As far as I’m concerned she is worth her weight in Gold
Just hope for her sake she will break the mold.


My grandchildren have never lived any place for more than a year, or year and a half. They make friends and then have to say good-bye because their mother can't pay the bills so she'll move in with her boyfriend. Each time this happens the school district changes. Instead of thinking what's best for her children, no she doesn't care. I'm hoping my granddaughter will be able to graduate from the school she's going to now. That's where all her friends are. My grandson really doesn't have many friends. He's 20 and works, so now he'll have to drive much further to work. I feel so bad for my grandchildren. They deserve better, but this has always been the pattern of how theyve had to live. So because my granddaughter is very smart and wants to have an education, She wants to go to college, get a really good job and she wants to buy her own home and maybe after working for 5 years or so then maybe meet someone and get married. She's only 16 and she told me she doesn't want to get in that rut of having a baby like some of her friends have. She wants to live a little before she settles down. Smart girl. I hope she can follow her dream and make it come true. That's what I meant by breaking the mold. Not living like her mom (her mom blows her money instead of budgeting etc.) I want so much better for both of my grandchildren. I pray, that's all I can do.

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