So This Is New Year's Eve?

So this is New Year’s Eve?
It’s windy and cold outside
I sit here not waiting to celebrate
I’m waiting to go to bed
To bed I go because I’m alone
Years past spent in fun
Now it’s all come undone
Use to be people laughing
Use to be streamers flying
Now it’s just another night
Like the rest all by myself
Every year my grandchildren were here
This is the second year without them
Use to be the best night of the year
Use to, but no longer can I cheer
No longer do I toast in the New Year
I just shut off the lights
Go to bed and say Good-Night
Such a long year it has been
I’m hoping 2014 will be Happier
But to all of you who celebrate
May I wish you a Safe and Happy New Year
May all your dreams come true.



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