The Little Ghost On My Couch and an Interaction With an Apparition

This is a true story!
Twas a regular night as I drove into my driveway
I have a big picture window, as I looked in I saw something unusual
I caught a glimpse of a child standing on my couch,
Who could this child be, looked to be about 8 yrs old
As this child saw me it slouched down slowly as not to be seen
I noticed the TV was on, so I thought maybe I was seeing a reflection
As I drove  to the back of my house, my then husband came out of the garage
He must have noticed the look on my face, he said you saw it too?
I said you weren’t in the house just now? He said no I was in the garage.
He said he saw a child standing on the couch about two weeks ago
The child saw him and slid down like it was hiding
I said, where was I?  He said you were in the bedroom
He thought I would be afraid so he never told me
So we go in the house and there was nothing there, nothing at all
Just the TV on and no sign of anyone or anything
I went to work the next day and when I came home my son said to me
Gee Mom, Thanks for laying out my clothes for me this morning
I turned to him and said, son I’ve been working all day it wasn’t me
He seemed stunned then laughed like sure you didn’t Mom
I told him I wasn’t joking and I said maybe it was our little ghost
He said What? I said we have a little ghost child who watches our TV
He had a funny look on his face and preceded to tell me of noises he’d heard
They were coming from his closet, he thought he was hearing things
I told him, I guess the little ghost has visited you too
I think he still didn’t believe it was true so he brushed it off
One night I was laying on that very couch, not sleeping just resting
All of a sudden I see this full white apparition coming toward me so fast
Before you know it went right through me! It literally took my breath away
I felt chills and a very strange feeling as it passed through my body
It took me a few minutes to understand what had just happened to me
I was shaking not from fear but because I was so cold
I felt so violated, I was left with such an awful empty feeling
After that I’ve never seen the ghost or anything out of the ordinary
I belonged to a Ghost Hunters Site and went into a chat room
I told them what had happened to me as far as the ghost child
They said was it transparent? I said no it looked like a real little kid
To them that was so awesome. None of them had ever experienced that.
Then I told them about the full white apparition experience I had
The one person said, you are so lucky to have that happen
I said maybe but I had a horrible feeling as it went through me
I couldn’t breath and that empty feeling was terrible
This person said as long as it went through you that was a good thing
I guess if it had not then it could have possessed my soul
They believed me because they’ve heard of similar stories
I felt better after talking to this person, some don’t believe, but it’s true
I wanted to try to tell my story differently as not to scare
But if you think about it, I couldn’t tell it any other way
Most people would be afraid to live in the house after that happened
I believe the ghost and the apparition have gone so I’m staying
I now live alone all by myself and I feel very comfortable
I’m never afraid as I know there are things that go bump in the night
I’ve always believed in ghosts so for me this is my proof
In fact I’d love to be a true Ghost Hunter, I don’t have any fear
There will always be the unexplained, the unknown
I hope in some small way because of my belief
I hope the ghost child has found its way home where it belongs
And the apparition, I know it didn’t take my soul
The worst thing would have been to keep these entities trapped
Never letting them find peace and the light
The veil to the other side is becoming transparent
My prayer is that no ones soul should ever be held hostage
Perhaps this ghost child is looking for its mother, hope he or she found her
Any others left behind, I hope they went to the light
So horrible to die yet worst to be stuck between the living and dead
I just feel if a person was tormented then they could try and let us know they are stuck


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