Always find the way

Everything happens for a reason,
    Changes come and go like seasons.
I see flashes of his face in my mind,
    Missing that smile, the only thing I can’t find.
If I need to let him go, then why is he the only thing I am craving?
    If this is going to set me free, then why does it feel so enslaving?
I just want to restart, but I am worn out from the race,
    I just want to be someone else, with a new mind and face.
I am just doing the best I can,
    Life keeps changing my plan.
I am learning more about the ebb and flow of the universe,
    But I feel like I’m under a dark curse.
I’m not getting ahead, and why can’t I leave some things behind?
    Why am I always so lost, and what am I really trying to find?
Another flash of his face,
    Of his soul I see no trace.
I will be ok,
    I need to focus on today.
I need to leave the past behind, but keep the lesson,
    I need to take care of myself and get to a therapy session.
Written By: Angel Vaughan


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