A dreamer’s reality becomes an ever waking mystery
Swimming through lost memories of fate’s elusive history...
Only sheer determination of the truth-seeking will
Can ignite the many passions it’s designed to fulfill.
For one to embark on such heroic a quest
Is to display faith and courage being put to their best.
The veil of distinction becomes fragile and twisted
As it seems the dreamer’s vessel is suddenly lifted.
Soaring through soft colors of unknown dimension,
Gaining forgotten access to discover transcension.
Where dreams become reality, waking reality to a dream
The blending of these realms dissovle the separating seam.
Weightlessly drifting through a lucid black ocean
Will I be made aware once the dreamer takes notion?
But the dreamer has awoken quite pleased with this conclusion
As I observe myself within unconscious confusion...


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about 7 years

Thanks! Your poem "The Maze" is mind blowing, what a gift you possess!!

about 7 years

beautiful. I love it.

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