When love seemed lost
and men make me tremble
in tears and fear
when did you raise your hands
and raise up.
Like a pheonix raising from the dust.
somedays i fight my demons bare handed
crying scremaing take me i’m beaten.
And then,
there is brightness.
In a simple message you write.
And i hardly know you.
But this bond idk.
Maybe i’m maddening.
the trust i’ll place in hands i’v yet to hold.
Someday, maybe we’d of been as bold.
To stop steering over the counter between us.
Talk to me about how you’ll play guitar and let me learn, show me games just to watch me burn out.
Tell me,
Home alone with me.
Skinny blonde blue eyed boy.
I remember you for years ago.
Cause deep down i think the heart knows.

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