Watch What You Say

To bullying and suicide. To those overcome by both.

A bitch, a whore, a slut.
They wonder why she cuts?
As she picked up the blade,
she thought her scars would never fade.
But slowly they did,
making it easier to forbid.
She’s sad, depressed, broken;
until one day her last words were never spoken.
As she dropped to the floor,
her parents were banging on her locked door.
Blood dripping down,
you can see she always had a frown.
The very next day her friends cried,
asking why she would end her life.
The bullies regret everything they had said,
but they can’t take back the words
that infected her head.
Everyone’s face had a frown,
as she was lowered in the ground.
Bitch, loser, weird, freak.
Please, please, PLEASE... think before you speak.


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