Mutually Assured Destruction, Nuclear Holocaust, and the morbid fascination of a mind far to young to be left home alone.


When I was a child I stepped outside
to the silver light and looked on high

The hair on my arms singed under the atomic heat, so brilliant, so white, so fast, so bright,
before I could blink

Fire filled my eyes
Blue turned to purple, purple turned to black, clouds began to race as I quickly turned my back

Reagan’s words struck a chord, ears are ringing as sirens sing hallow tunes of fear, cities leave skeletal remains, neighborhoods puff  like gravity reversed, cold war memories,  fourth of July revelries now seem perverse

My name is death
and this is my disguise
Look down, fear not, as my shadow fills the skies

It happened so fast
News Reporters’ lies,
T.V. says, “this is just a test”,
where are your parents
the disenfranchised?

Just a child without a care in the world
Comfy stars and stripes propaganda blanket, secure in my rights

So I drew a fractal  breath and spit in god’s eyes, this is just a test as the whole world dies.

Written by: J.A. Lutz

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Midnight Rose
almost 8 years

I can defiantly relate to this. Very good writing.

Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

I agree with James... Nicely Done

james matthew coleman
almost 8 years

Love the imagery.

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