Are You Lost

for Marcy Howard

As you try, society’s dream, what, have you really found,
And in that quest, for your dream, have you, heard a sound,
Happiness, is equated, with sating, your desires,
But if the person’s lost, can you know, what they require.
A mirror, can not tell you, what, the image needs,
While you’re never satisfied, Unless watching other’s deeds,
If, you’re not comfortable, in, your own skin,
How can you learn, from those places, that you’ve been,
If, a life’s consumed, by a search, for true elation,
Someone else’s goals, shouldn’t be, your dedication,
Do you stand, as yourself, or someone else’s clone,
As, you struggle, to realize, in essence, you’re alone.
Because, someone does it, doesn’t, make it right,
Yet, you adopt the actions, that help, obscure your sight,
Lost in the world, around you, but what, has been the cost,
As, you ask the question, Am I, the one, who’s lost.



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