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Moments the Same


When you think you have it all,
So fast it can disappear,
With just one tick of the clock,
It’s gone inside a tear,
It such a short time so much can change,
Yet some things may never leave,
Especially when living in the heart,
When heart and mind believe.
Happiness is held in your arms,
Yet so quickly it all feels gone,
And with the river of tears that falls,
Comes the memory of a song,
All your life flashes by,
When eyes are tightly closed,
Some things that we wished for,
And those we never chose.
Age holds out the curse of time,
And change becomes our foe,
Yet there are random points in love,
When it’s sole purpose is to grow,
Though so much can change in a moment,
Some are unaltered by time,
As the one thing to hold on to,
Is by the heart designed.
Words become a tenuous bridge,
As we wonder will it hold the weight,
While love holds on inside the dark,
And alone with love is our fate,
If you think about it there are worse things,
Then to love become a stranger,
Though love can change quickly,
And the mind screams danger.
The ticking clock can be an enemy,
But for love is more than a friend,
Each moment seems to solidify,
That love will never end,
We might wave good bye to people,
But there are emotions that we feel,
Love becomes the instant in point and time,
And our first kiss my fate was sealed.
With the thought so much is fleeting,
Each moment we should enjoy,
Keep love alive inside the heart,
To make forever a familiar toy,
Don’t dread what can change in a moment,
Because there are things that stay the same,
And every morning that love’s your first thought,
That love lives forever in her name.

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