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As It Seems

To Marcy Howard

Every morning I begin my day,
With thoughts of your beautiful smile,
It helps my day be brighter still,
Make the pain bearable for awhile,
I sip my coffee and am transported back,
To that place and time,
When laughter lived in both our eyes,
And the hand you held was mine.
I think of all the little things,
That without knowing you did for me,
I just wish I could hit rewind,
To have back this memory,
Even with things as they stand,
Its you I want and need,
And if I had back those happy days,
This heart, would no longer bleed.
Each of us has scars from the past,
But should they create our here and now,
As we try to justify,
Yet come up short somehow,
All the things we hold on to,
Become those things that we still want,
They make the pain seem bearable,
Through the dreams that haunt.
Maybe it sounds ridiculous,
Or it might even seem insane,
At night my dreams show to me,
A fact that’s very plain,
You live in every waking thought,
And each night you are my dreams,
Love for us is what it is,
Not what others  make it seem.
    Only you!



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