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The Darkest Hour

The stars are not your friends
And moon is not your lover.
Your flesh is singed,
Inferno from within
Won’t let you die,
Yet keeps your soul burning.
Throat torn out,
You drown out the wind
With a silent howl.
Eyes carved out by a pale sun,
Even dreams and memories
Are plunged in darkness.
You ask me
Trembling in agony
‘Where is  your love?’
'Here’ I whisper into your parched lips,
As my fingers press against your heartbeat.
‘My love is always with you,
Residing in the chambers of thine heart.
It will keep your misery company,
As I, alas, must take your leave
And fly into the night.’
I cut the string,
The Bond is broken,
My talons are free.
As I depart, your 'little arctic owl’,
The soundless waft of wing against your cheek
Will be my final farewell.
You stand there,
In the alone of winter,
Embracing pitch black
And the knowledge
That this love’s undoing
Lays at your feet.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

Love, pain

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