That force that came in search of me,
From the city streets and from the sea,
From heated passion and raging fires,
From solemn melodies and melted lyres.
It came into my house, my frozen palace.
It slipped through the guards, the hallway past.
It took me prisoner with its own silent words.
It flavored my breath with its exotic herbs.
It threw me into the ocean and set me adrift.
It hovered over me then gave me a lift.
It dug into my heart with its gilded shovels.
It dragged me thru’ stately mansions and hovels.
It took life and hung it over my rusty eyes.
That I may see the silent words of the wise.
It dressed up the rhetoric in flamboyant suits,
And marched it in front with drums and flutes.
It swirled with the tempest and played roulette.
It climbed in my dream and brought the sunset.
It broke into my house in the name of poetry,
That power that came and left me be,
As my feet were implanted in the ground therein,
My heart broke loose and danced with the wind.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

You are so kind. You really read my poems. It makes me feel good. You always spice them up with your own feedback. Then I can spice up your feedback. A good team is what we are.It gives me inspiration to write some more.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Good poems beget good poems. You’re right good feedback opens up untrodden trails and verses just flow out naturally as they can be like twigs and branches of a tree and voila flowers could blossom as well and bear fruits. Beautiful isn’t it? Happy that I could inspire you and happier for the privilege to read your work.

Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Sweet music of the wind, sweet music of life, the dream we all dance with subtlety encompassing - passionately entreating us to grab life, swirl with the wind. Love it! And there’s a lot more winds
in the autumn and winter of our lives. Get dancing! Let’s rock n roll! Fave this one for sure! Thanks Robert.

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