For Ana and Austin. What good times we once shared.

It sucks when your heart is taken and the same person who holds it, is the one who attacks it
Maybe it’s all just a dream, or maybe it’s my attic
It needs cleaned out and drained free of the magic
Maybe I’m just insane or maybe I’m an addict
Trying to make noise but the sound is trapped in the fabric
The webbing, the lies
It’s trapped behind the painted face that is my disguise
My heart is beating and pulsing with each sigh
It’s starting to fail, stop its beating and die
My heart, this heart, is decreasing in size
Weakening and wilting with sickness in a wasteland that’s dry
It’s the wasteland of love, and its all in loves hands
Why does the world turn but only at a slant
This is the meaning of truth, the one ill never understand
I am taken, but I’m in high demand
These feet that stand, hovering above land
Start to tread, they start to beat
These feet are running,
Carrying me
I’m lifted up higher, so high to where I can see
The stars, the world, the universe above me
I’m not falling, but I’m no longer still
I see it, and it gives me my will
My star, my hope, the love of my life
Is right there above me, it’s what I sacrifice
Everyday, to keep hovering higher
From my world, so full of hate and so full of fire
I’m a giver, I’m a fighter
I’m nothing to desire
This intoxication of love is making my body lighter
I’m now here, so way up high
And it’s right above me, my destined light
It’s here for me, right within sight
And I try moving forward, through the hurt and the spite
I’m almost there, ill reach it with my might
My fingertips now brush against it, and it surrounds me in white
It’s no longer day, it’s no longer night
There is nothing, it takes my all
It fills me with light and it holds me from the fall
It’s no longer just me, climbing up those walls
I’ve reached what I was destined
I’ve reached my determined end
I no longer have to smile and pretend
I have nothing, I am nothing, there’s nothing to defend
It’s a whole new world, in the palm of my hands
I no longer have to do those horrid commands
I no longer dread the place where I stand
This is mine, this world is mine to love and behold
I can create anything; I am a god, all alone
I am existence, I am the king
I hold everything, I hold this key
I am salvation, and now all will bow at my feet


God of yourself ; Universe; Heartache; Running; Attics; Magic; Bow; Webbing; Addiction

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