I can feel you, slipping away
Further and further, as night unfolds to a new day
My head hurts so bad, my skull could cave
My lungs and heart could just collapse
I could go back to the way I once was
I could fall back and relapse
I’ve studied no maps
I only read the stars
When I look up, they tell me exactly where you are
You’re under the same sky, same stars and moon
It’s a pleasure and a curse; a foreboding that looms
Over my head, on my shoulders
I grow weak and I grow colder
My heart drops, as I get older
I age in minutes, seconds as though they were years
I already know, this is because of my fears
The trials and temptations
To go back to a being that’s completely and utterly wasted
We breathe the same air, and walk the same Earth
This will always hold true, it always has since our birth
I will show you, I’ll show you all just what I’m worth
I’ll climb through the thorns, and dig my way out of the dirt
Buried in blood soaked ground
No feeling, no taste, not even a whisper of a sound
I will never be cleansed and I’ll never be proud
But for now, I’ll keep try to dig my way out
Before the sky, and all of this pressure, fall straight down
On top of my lifeless form
I must keep trying, I will not be torn
I won’t exactly make that promise,
I will not make that bet
Because it may not have happened,
But it may become reality
Just not quite yet
I’m not quite finished yet


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