Well I know you’re afraid,
Don’t want to talk anymore.
You’ve lived so close to alone;
Why not open your door?
There’s a whole world out there
Just waiting for you to step outside.
It’s alright to be humble,
Pride won’t last you all day,
I’m just trying to help;
With all that I can say.
I said I wouldn’t disappear
And I intend to fight to keep it that way.
Change is natural, there is no need to fear
Letting me help you, I just want to be here
For the woman I keep close when I’m staring deep inside of the mirror
Don’t be upset, I’m just trying to tell
If life’s a solo journey, why do so many dwell
On our gracious Earth, holding hands through ev’ry personal hell?
And maybe I’m wrong, if so then fuck  being right
It must be so stuffy in the dark, come out and play in the light
At least for a chance to breathe
You’ll see that it can be alright
There’s no obligation
Seeded deep within me
I just want to help out
To see you happy
You get so wrapped up
I don’t want you to forget
What it’s like to be somewhat carefree
I do this because I love you, you see?


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Amanda Laughman
over 7 years

Sounds like something my former lab partner would write for me... I'm crying now.

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