I see your eyes, they grade me.
Another project, one more step
Through competition, admission
To a higher degree of quality
In life, in job;  playing games,
Acting heartthrob
Against everything we know;
Everything we want to see
Given back to “me”, such arrogant thoughts,
Such hypocrisy.
Playing a team, we drive
To find places to hide;
A corner or niche to be inside the outside.
Back in the day,  you know, all we measured was backpacks
But now, there’s all of these hollow emotions that
Keep us coming and going, close and far away;
The actions we take don’t match the things that we say.
We were young, we still are;
Do you still play movie star?
Every other an actor; a ladder
To step up and see how far
You can go off their skulls; it’s the territory
Fighting for equals, whatever you thought that should be.


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Cory Garcia
over 6 years


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