Eyes closed, reposed;
Enfolded in the center
Of a densely blossomed space
And shades of naked twilight.
Resin rising in sinking thought —
A binding moon dances
Through a splintered knot.
Immured within this animus
That twists within a new world’s rage,
Strutting its hour upon the stage
That reasons wars and wars its reason.  
Bonding horizons in petaled drapery,
My heart is opened again and again.  
Oh, unrecognizable thing…
An intimation spills
From the heart of the immortal,
From the lips of the inspired ones
Blazing as if a thousand suns
Composed them like the starry threads
That dreamily weave through quixotic heads.
Ceaseless crossing; crashing;
Smashing like a splintered mirror.
Trickling like a line of bronze
That runs through space
And infinite dawns.
Tell me– tell me,
Transparent one,
Adorned by moths
And bathed in sun,
Where is it that I might find
A miniscule space inside your mind
To sing the songs of Nightingales
That catch the wind with ageless sails  
And echo the waves of the inmost want
Saturating all that I touch?
Herald of my waking thought;
Doorway to the realm of dreams,
Can’t you see that I’ve been caught
Between a line of tethered seams?
Loving me as I love you,
As every moment lives anew;
Pouring forth in crackling skies,
In oceans spilling from my eyes.
Examining in another light
How to expand my narrow sight.  
Melting in chromatic smiles
Pouring from my canvas mind;
Dispersing like a wave of embers
Rising to diffuse the sun.
Another time to turn the key
To render this philosophy
That love is deeper than the infinite;
Deeper than the suppositious
Playing like a strip of film
Era after era;
Deeper than the muted stories
That simply deliquesce
In shades of naked twilight.
Oh, unrecognizable thing…


abstract, duality, illusion, joy, love music, nonduality, ocean, peace, sadness, war,

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