looking for someone to love you
looking for someone to care
everybody haves somebody
but you look around and sees no one there
your mom seem to busy
your dad is far away
your brothers and sister can care less
theres no one to save the day
your friends are around,
but dont know when you feeling bad
you think to when you was a baby
and you miss the things you had
truth is, when you grow you grow alone
no one really sees
they’ll be with you when your and infant till when you start crawling on your knees
then you start walking
then you start talking
grow up to be kid
and told not to talk to any strangers
grow and grow intill you know you
you turnt into a teenager
you in school, told to follow the rules
and dont be bad
intill you turn mad and lost the respect you had
days go and go and your still alone
off from school and nobodys home
you try coping with yourself, saying this is how it is when you grow
but things just happen before you know

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