Everything's Just Fine

for Eileen Conrad

A road, that never ends, but is there, any rest,
Regardless, of the answer, the question, is the test,
Nothing more, than a smile, transports you, to a better place,
And all, your trepidation’s, are temporarily, erased,
Don’t, look for answers, there are none, to be found,
The structure, turns it’s back, and you’re not, to make a sound,
You, must supply, everything, you must be, more than you were,
While everyone, points out answers, your thoughts, must be, for her.
A disease, holds your life, with it’s grasp, upon your love,
As you live for two, and hope, for help, from above,
Surely, you’ll make mistakes, and the night, is when, you pay,
For the memories, she’s losing, are the ones, that get in your way,
No matter, what the cost, you must keep her, safe from harm,
And use, the tears you shed, as your lucky charm,
Though, it seems, you are, a very, unlikely protector,
She depends, on you, her memory, detector.
Every day, you walk, you’re taking steps, for two,
For, as she loses, more and more, her whole world, is you,
Make, the days, comfortable, be glad, for the time, you had,
Dawn, brings, another day, and happiness, isn’t, a fad,
As long, as she smiles, maybe, I’ve done right,
But my torture, begins again, with, the absence, of the light,
Daily, I am learning, to be, the person, that she needs,
And just, that little smile, helps me ignore, this heart, that bleeds.
And as her eyes, sparkle, with love, I’ve always known,
I just hope, I measure up, to all, that I’ve been shown,
I will never, know again, the person, I once was,
She’s shown me, to be more, not for... but because,
For as, she slowly regresses, she teaches, every day,
While her memory, decreases, mine, get in the way,
Though, the road, is difficult, I know, that she, is mine,
And with, that little, smile and laugh, Everything’s just fine.



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